This site is being revised.  Please email Dr. Rolf Martin
at his email address to discuss this study and place
your name on our notification list.  Thank you for
your interest.

This page connects you to everything you need during this study.  Blueberry Health Study participants should CLICK HERE to continue measurements within the Teaberry Study.  Listed below are the steps needed to learn if tea and/or blueberries improve your health.  More

Step 1: Try the measurement pages by clicking hereMore

Step 2: Read the Informed Consent Form. Then set up an appointment with a witness and Dr. Ordman to ask questions you may have and receive authorization to participate from him.  More

Step 3: Call your doctor to determine your personal safety limits for blueberries and green tea.  Information on what to ask your doctor is available on the [Safety Page].

Step 4: Enroll and choose your research planMore

Step 5: Begin your regular measurement schedule when you receive email confirmation from Dr. Ordman that you are ready to begin the study.  More

Step 6: The first 28 days give you a baseline reading of your initial health on your normal diet. We will set up your next 28 study days on a diet of your choice once you are off to a smooth start. More

Step 7: Begin your second 28 days by completing the Diet Selection Page.  Thank you.




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